The first IT Security Evaluation Facility in Poland

On March 5, 2020, within the KSO3C project, the National Institute of Telecommunications opened an IT Security Evaluation Facility compliant with Common Criteria.

This is the first laboratory of this type in Poland and there are only a dozen or so in all of Europe. With this facility Poland joined the elite group of countries with the ability to implement security assessments with the highest level of assurance.

Such laboratories are key element of the state security system and part of its competence. I am glad that this undertaking was realized. This is also important in the context of the creation of the fifth generation (5G) network. We will be able to talk about a secure network when we use secure equipment, devices and verified software. Without this laboratory it would be more difficult for us to achieve it.

said the Minister of Digital Affairs (Marek Zagórski) who participated in the laboratory opening ceremony.

Dr inż. Elżbieta Andrukiewicz (cybersecurity expert from the National Institute of Telecommunications) became the first head of the laboratory and said during the opening:

We introduce the Polish business and society to a group of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Controlled security environment and specialized equipment, as well as highly qualified specialists – trained in the most renowned European laboratories – will perform credible and independent security assessments, using innovative techniques, to test a given product vulnerabilities against even the most advanced hacker attacks.

Dr inż. Jerzy Żurek (director of IŁ – PIB) believes that the greatest advantage coming out from the Laboratory creation  is the possibility of using certified products compliant with high security requirements. Another benefit is increased competitiveness and technical potential in various sectors of the Polish economy due to protection of the entire manufacturing lifecycle and the interests of Polish entrepreneurs. Director Żurek also said:

Society and enterprises will feel the benefits of using compliance certification process with security requirements in Polish laboratories, without need to perform it in laboratories from other countries.


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